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About Men's Swimwear and Swimsuits:

With the exception of nudists, and getting the morning paper in your underwear, wearing a bathing suit is the most naked you are going to be in public. Men’s swimwear may not seem as glamorous as the swimsuit portion of our competition but that is only because you aren’t looking hard enough. A great bathing suit can mean the difference between summer loving and being eaten by shark. Sharks hate tacky bathing suits, that’s why we only carry wicked sweet swimming trunks.

If you are about to go on a watersports adventure you need the right gear for the job. Even if you are just heading down to the beach or the pool you still are going to need some swimwear. Yes, I know that you CAN go swimming in jean shorts but they take forever to dry. The best swimwear is fast drying, comfortable, and awesome to look at.

Boardshorts are one pretty awesome option, and even though they aren’t as eye catching as the old timey full body one piece bathing suit they have a really nifty feature for those days at the waterpark; namely, pockets. Pockets are great because they can help you keep track of that little orange key that you need to get your stuff out of the locker at the end of the day. Try to find a pocket that seals so you don’t lose anything when you get hit in the wave pool.