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About Men's Sunglasses:

The great thing about the men's sunglasses that Moosejaw offers is that they are both for sport and casual use. From sunny road trips to hiking in the mountains, these bad boys protect your vision and keep you looking good all day long. Wrap around coverage, polarized classic aviators, and many more styles are right here for the taking

We wouldn't be content with providing you some generic, boring men's sunglasses, no. This collection contains the best of the best, a literal "who's who" of the sunglasses world. Between all of the different styles and brands, you'd be hard pressed to not find a pair that perfectly fits your needs. Casual sunglasses side by side with polarized sport sunglasses may sound a little crazy, but we're all about giving you the choice those eyeballs demand.

These shades are perfect for your cycling and biking adventures, but don't feel obligated to do any sort of activity while you're wearing them. Want to sit on the couch and watch some television in style? By all means. Protect those eyes, beat the brightness and do it all with a great new addition to your face. Or hang them from your shirt, or throw them on your head. Whatever you want to do, really.