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About Men's Sport Sunglasses for Running, Cycling, and More:

The two coolest things in the world are sports and sunglasses. Ok maybe a dolphin with wings and laser eyes might be slightly cooler, but sports and sunglasses are still pretty high up there. Sport sunglasses, since they combine two of the coolest things in the world, are on a level of awesome that most people can never reach.

These sunglasses are the best if you are into any kind of serious outdoor adventuring. Cycling, hiking, running, professional boar hunting, you name it, these sunglasses will protect you from UV rays and make you look awesome while doing it.

I’m not sure that I am appropriately conveying to you how freaking cool these glasses are. Ok, imagine you are walking away from an explosion wearing a pair of sunglasses. That’s just the regular level of cool that sunglasses bring. Sports sunglasses are like riding a unicorn away from an even bigger explosion, and the unicorn has a leather jacket on, and the explosion has bees in it, and the unicorn’s father was a pegasus so it also has wings and you take off into the sky and then he takes you out for dinner and pays for it with his no limit unicorn credit card. That is how awesome wearing sports sunglasses are. Don’t you want a piece of this action? I know you do, because who wouldn’t want to be a total badass.