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About Men's Hiking and Running Socks:

For years, you've been fed a lie, one that makes it seem as if there's no alternative to the boring, white bread men's socks you've known your entire life. We're here to let you know that the days of lackluster socks for men are over, and the proof positive is just above. From innovative wool socks that don't hold odor to premium compression socks whose graphics don't fade or stretch out.

Because there's so much you can do out there! Between running, hiking, biking and weight-lifting, etc., your feet deserve better than boring. Think that wool socks mean you're bound for feet that are overcome with heat? Think again. Above you'll find wool socks, made with the best blend of merino wool and nylon, allowing for some serious moisture wicking action and temperature regulation. Keep that sweat out, all while staying extra breathable. Socks should be breathable, right? Right.

But just because you can get a nice, cool and breathable sock doesn't mean it needs to literally be cool. Sure, there are plenty who are looking for the lightest touch possible, but less-than-great temperatures demand a little extra warmth, and it's for that reason a whole swath of different weights are available to you. Step into something a little better, gentlemen. You're on your feet all day after all, so it's high time to get them the goodness they deserve.