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About Men's Pants:

Not wearing the appropriate clothing while out on the trail can quickly become an uncomfortable experience which is why choosing the right type of men's pants is so important. This page is dedicated to top-quality, high-performing men's outdoor pants. So whether you spend your days climbing, camping, working on the yard, or just relaxing, these pants will help you have the best time possible.

With comfort, mobility, weather resistance, breathability, and durability all at the top of the list, the men's hiking pants found here will meet an outdoor enthusiast's every need. From thicker hiking pants that fit a wider range of weather conditions to thinner outdoor pants that are perfect for warmer climates and three season adventures, you can do all of your favorite outdoor activities in just a single pair. Each is constructed with sophisticated fabric that won't succumb to wear and tear even in the roughest of conditions yet it remains light and flexible so that it moves with you.

You want to be able to do it all - hiking, trekking, and mountaineering - and a pair of men's outdoor pants ensures that you will stay comfortable and dry while out and about. Should the temperature warm up then a pair of convertible hiking pants would be excellent so that you can keep yourself cool. If monsoon-type rain suddenly hits your campsite then specialty shell pants would be ideal for you as they can dry quickly. Did we mention all the bells and whistles that accompany these pants? With slim-fit styles, cargo pockets, waist tighteners, zip-off pant legs, and many more features to choose from, you'll most likely find it hard to not wear these men's pants on a daily basis. Now go on and get out there. Show the great outdoors that you wear the pants. Literally.