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Filson Men's Single Tin Chaps

Men's Single Tin Chaps

$110.00 - $115.00
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About Men's Gaiters and Overboots:

It’s been said before and we’ll say it again, and again: Protect yourself, before you wreck yourself. While we might be taking some liberties on that one, the point is still important: It’s worthwhile to keep secure while you’re roughing it out there. Your adventure should never be cut short due to lousy conditions, and snapping up a great pair of gaiters or overboots is a terrific way to throw a little extra protection on top of those already-rugged boots of yours.

Protect the laces, protect the lower leg, protect everything. Okay, while a pair of gaiters won’t necessarily keep everything on you protected, they’ll most definitely provide some welcome shielding the knee down. Expect killer waterproofing, keeping your calves from catching cold due to chilly water or mud. All that waterproofing won’t come at the expense of your breathability either, with these gaiters able to stay breathable in spite of first-class hydrophobic tendencies.

Ever feel like, hey I love these boots but they just aren’t tall enough though I don’t want them to be tall all the time? We hear you. That’s what this collection is all about, and being able to keep those legs solid in spite of tricky conditions is what they’ll do best. Abrasion-resistant and tough on all forms of water, add some welcome protection on that next trek, gentlemen.