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About Men's Minimalist Running Shoes:

And they make you feel like you’re wearing nothing at all! No, we didn’t start writing this mid-sentence, it’s just such a great exclamation to add on to any words describing men’s minimalist running shoes. For example: Wow, this is just such a wildly comfortable, freeing footwear experience, and they make you feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. Works pretty well, and let’s all just assume we’re talking only about your feet here and not the rest of your entire body. Because running naked would be weird (even for us) and possibly arrest-worthy, so we’ll just say this – do your feet a favor and ditch the bulk. Some minimalist running shoes are your best bet at making that happen.

And they make you feel like…sorry, not doing that again. But for those of your who haven’t participated in this type of running experience, the results can be pretty incredible. We were meant to be running on our feet, not on mounds of plastic and foam, and getting back to basics can make all the difference. These shoes above rely on minimal amounts of material with grip and support in just the right places, making sure you still have a premium hold on the road even though you’re working with less. But hey, this is a “less is more” type of situation, and you can still expect a number of features thrown your way. Things like mesh fabrics that make a super-breathable experience, at work with compression to aid the circulation in your feet.

Keep those toes of yours closed up, or get wild and let them hang free. Whatever helps to complete the minimalist experience and make you feel like you’re wearing…well, you know the rest. Lace up what’ll feel like almost nothing at all – relish knowing you’ll be out there running like you’re supposed to be.