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About Men's Base Layers and Long Underwear:

Sure, when you think about bundling up for less-than-stellar temperatures, a solid jacket is a good place to start. But that only scratches the surface. A great jacket can only do so much, and when trying to keep warm in spite of the chilliest of chilly temps, working something a little extra into the mix sure wouldn’t hurt. Get snug, you guys – the best way to do that is to bundle up with some of the best long johns on the planet, or the best long underwear, or best whatever you call it. These base layers and long underwear can help provide the warmth you need while you’re keeping active out there.

But maybe you’re keen on doing absolutely nothing. Hey, just because you’re rocking the best men’s long underwear doesn’t mean you need to be at your best; eat a pizza and just lounge around in this stuff if you want. Your decidedly sedentary lifestyle can still find benefit from some top-notch base layer action, with premium moisture wicking a part of the deal. That means not only are you able to keep light precipitation at bay, but perspiration, too – your base layer will do a killer job of pulling the sweat through to keep you from overheating. Which would be a hell of a thing to do while scarfing down some ‘za.

And all you actual adventurers? You’re in good hands – Patagonia capilene thermals are built to be layered, with some extra stretch and movement a part of the deal. Check out bottoms built the same way, with enhanced durability sewn in so your favorite pair can stay your “favorite”, for years to come.