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About Men's Long Sleeve T-Shirts:

The importance of sleeves is often overlooked. Thats why it’s great that you can show support for sleeves by getting a long sleeve shirt. Long sleeves add an element of mystery to the gun show and they keep you warm. Long sleeve shirts look great alone or can be a crucial addition to a layering system if you are doing any winter sports or cold weather adventuring.

I am wearing long sleeves as I type this, and I gotta say, it’s pretty awesome. They cover up my tattoo of a bunny rabbit playing a keytar so everybody at the office thinks that I am a pretty straight laced guy. That’s what long sleeves do, they make you into a professional. A professional anything. Just think about all of the men in long sleeves who have been awesome.

Abraham Lincoln once said that long sleeve shirts made from the most comfortable materials were what gave him the strength of will to see our country through the civil war. Maybe he didn’t say that exactly, but he was known to wear long sleeves on occasion. Also, Winston Churchill, with his stereotypical wit once told a woman who criticized his biceps at a party that in the morning he could put on a long sleeve shirt and she would still be ugly.

Long sleeve shirts make you the boss. So be the boss and get a long sleeve shirt.