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About Men's Jackets and Coats:

Here at Moosejaw, we’re known for a few things. Outside of being aggressive donut eating champions and rabid collectors of antique laser guns, we have a serious passion for outerwear, specifically men’s jackets. The ability to help keep you warm out there is an absolute honor and privilege to us, and we’re happy to get the job done by providing some of the world’s best cold weather coats and jackets. We’ve wrangled together the best outerwear brands on the planet to build a collection that is second to none in style, comfort and utility. But don’t just take our word for it – a quick look above will confirm the good word: We have men’s jackets for all seasons, and we’re ready to get you into your new favorite outerwear.

You might be thinking wow, there are so many options to choose from. You might also be thinking why can’t I download a taco from the internet? Maybe we (very unfortunately) can’t help with that latter, but the former is no problem: We stock a wealth of options to be sure to accommodate guys from every walk of life, no matter if you’re living an active life, or just actively lounging on the couch.

For the winter warriors, heavy-duty jacket action is yours for the taking. Dig in to options that give you top-of-the-line insulation (down or synthetic, your choice!) meaning you’ll never be held by back the season’s chill. No matter if you’re grabbing a hefty coat to keep in the warmth or something a little lighter for milder days, look forward to awesome tech like wind and waterproofed material, helping to keep those pesky elements out while you’re trying to let the adventure in.

Hikers, get to hiking. Hit the trail without worry because we’ve got your back with the best jackets for the occasion. If you’re ready to get your climb on, conquer the alpine landscape, or maybe try and tackle that tacos-from-the-internet thing, we’re ready to make sure you’re outfitted just right. And you’ll be looking great out there too, with no compromise of style to make way for better functionality. Look great, feel even better, thanks to our collection of men’s jackets.


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