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About Men's Insulated Vests:

Sleeves? Sleeves are for men who wants to make their arms feel like they have reason to be ashamed. Let those bad boys be who they want to be, and show them off with an incredibly capable vest. And not just any vest will do – insulated vests are your best bet at providing some much-needed warmth at your mid-section, keeping you nice and toasty while you’re out there doing work. Is it a coincidence that vest rhymes with best? Maybe, but we’ll assume it isn’t - it follows the natural shape of the universe that these two words should be so close.

Less sleeves, more versatility. Getting into one of the vests above provides you the ability to rock premium outerwear without the heft of a jacket, helping you stay a touch lighter on your adventures. Easy to layer or rock as a solo piece, these insulated vests provide you a treasure trove of options when it comes to your outdoor wardrobe.

Looking and feeling great is a terrific bonus, but the whole insulated thing is the crown jewel here – each vest is packed full of incredibly functional insulated lining, forcing unwelcome temps out and keeping that warmth right where it needs to be. But all that warmth would be worthless if it weren’t for a number of other great additions, with water-resistance a key component to many vests above. Now not only will you stand tall in the face of chilly temps but unexpected rain and snow as well, packing some welcome weather-besting power into your repertoire.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the point of an insulated vest?

An insulated vest is an excellent insulator during the shoulder seasons or when temperatures dip when the sun goes down. By minimizing the bulk and extra insulation a full jacket provides, a vest can better regulate your normal body heat when wearing one in areas that fluctuate temperature such as fluctuating between indoors and outdoors or elevation.

Do puffer vests actually keep you warm?

Puffer vests or insulated vests work by keeping your core body temperature warm while allowing your arm to dump any excess heat. An insulated vest can be a great layering piece for high output activities as well due to its ability to allow the body to better self-regulate the warmth it provides to your core. A puffer vest paired with a solid windproof layer can be suprising warm, even without the sleeve insulation.

Should a vest be tight or loose?

Some more technical vests may fit tighter to allow better sweat dispersion whereas a more casual vest may fit only a bit snug. A vest should end right at the tops of your shoulders and not hang over or be too short where it is restricting to your arm. The length should be long enough to come to your waistband and cover the layer you have underneath.