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About Men's Footwear:

Well, consider us embarrassed. Here we are thinking, since it’s the future and all, everyone would just be riding Segways everywhere. Sounds crazy now, but hey, we figured if not flying cars, we’d at least have that. And with self-balancing, electric vehicles under our feet, there really wouldn’t be much need for footwear as we’d just slip in to our pre-attached Segway boots and go to town. But seeing as how that didn’t happen, the need for men’s footwear is alive and well, and luckily for you (and for us, frankly) we never actually took down our men’s footwear page like we swore we would. Before getting our head’s full of delusions over dual-wheeled scooters, we threw together one of the finest collections of men’s footwear imaginable, with shoes, boots and accessories for every possible occasion. Relax, accept the future isn’t all we hoped it’d be, and slip into a brand new pair of shoes you’re going to love.

No matter what you’re looking for, we’ll have it up above, keeping you ready and able to face it all. Those addicted to cold weather climates will be happy to know we have a wide range of boots perfect for your snowsport adventures, rocking premium insulation so your snowboarding adventures are never cut short on account of “cold-toe”. Or maybe you just need some rock-solid boots for your mountaineering duties, something sturdy with killer arch support while being wildly comfortable? We have climbing shoes that’ll pack in all of these qualities and then some, giving new meaning to the phrase “feature-packed”. The mountain can present some fierce competition, and you’ll be ready to go toe to toe against it with some solid footwear.

But it’s possible you’re less interested in scaling a rock side and more intent on running the road ahead. We carry running shoes from the best brands in the business, keeping you light without compromising your control out there. Go a little farther and stay comfortable while doing so, with our traditional athletic footwear, or maybe get a little fancy with our minimalist options. Even if you’re just looking to kick back and break no sort of sweat, we’re all about the casual options, with sandals and sneakers that look great and won’t make you feel bad about all that lounging you love so much. No matter what your adventure calls for your feet will be ready for it. Unless you’re looking to ride a Segway around, we’re kinda totally over that.