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About Men's Clothing:

You know, at first glance, this page might seem just a touch silly. I mean, it’s us, Moosejaw, of course we carry men’s clothing. Not only that, we carry quite a bit of it – would it be fair to say that half of the apparel that we sell is geared toward those of the male persuasion? Recent global census data would seem to imply that’s a wise decision on our part, but just because you know that we carry this stuff, doesn’t mean you know what this stuff is. We’re happy to provide a rundown of our extensive men’s clothing collection, full of the top brands you’ve come to expect, and maybe a few you don’t? Just kidding. No surprises here! Or are there?!

Really though, the only surprise would be if you weren’t able to find something you love. Your lifestyle has no constraints, so why should your wardrobe be any different? For all you fitness obsessed runners out there, we have plenty of breathable, moisture wicking solutions that’ll help keep you cool while you’re working up a sweat. Maybe you’re looking for the complete opposite – catching the cold air is the issue, and you need to keep in as much warmth as you can handle. You have plenty of insulated, windproof options that’ll be just what you need while at the top of the summit or bottom of the slopes. But hey, not interested in all that “activity” stuff and just looking to stay comfortable? Cozy fits abound, as there are plenty of selections that’ll fit and wear as good as they look.

That’s the other thing: As always, these things look great. You shouldn’t have to choose between looking top-notch and feeling that way too, with that never a worry with the collection up above. Start up the perfect outdoor-ready wardrobe, or put the finishing touches on one. Thanks to some top-notch, high-octane government technology, our men’s clothing selections are curated especially for you, and you can’t prove they’re not. That’s right, you, Kevin from Minnesota. And if you aren’t Kevin from Minnesota (you probably are, though) these should work for you just fine, too.