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About Men's Casual and Lifestyle Shoes:

A man’s got to shoe what a man’s got to shoe. Usually his feet, sometimes flies.

Not that casual shoes will allow you to fly, that was a play on words. street shoes can make you feel lighter though, and they will definitely let everyone around you know that you are someone who is to be taken seriously without being intimidating.

What about lifestyle shoes is so serious though? The fact that these shoes are more ready for anything then some of their more specialized peers. With a pair of these puppies you are prepared for any situation that could arise. For example: “Hey dude, want to go out on the boat today?” Your friend asks; To which you reply: “For sure! I’m glad I’m not wearing astronaut boots because they would be far too cumbersome for that sort of nautical adventure. Instead, I’ll stick to my boat shoes. These things are legit.” End scene.