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About Men's Casual Jackets and Coats for Everyday Lifestyle:

Casual jackets are probably the most versatile kind of adventuring equipment that we sell. People give you odd looks at the bar if you come in wearing snowshoes, believe me, I’ve tried. But if you walk in wearing a casual jacket all people do is give you compliments, buy you drinks and offer your acting roles in their upcoming projects. And what if the project is filming outside? You are definitely going to be glad that you have a coat that can do so many different activities and keep you warm while it makes you cool.

These are some of the best jackets for hanging out and partying. They are the best because no other jackets can venture from the bonfire to the bar and then to the boardroom, where your coworkers will all be envious of all of the cool things you did on the weekend. Now I’m jealous because I want to get a new casual jacket and wear it to a bonfire, there is nothing more awesome than a new coat that smells slightly of campfire smoke… smells like victory to me.

Another great feature of casual jackets is pockets. I know that they are pretty standard, but a good jacket with a selection of large and sturdy pockets is truly one of the greatest of mans inventions. There is nothing more fun than going through your pockets after a crazy weekend and finding all sorts of trinkets. For example, I was going through my pocket this morning and found a pair of 3D glasses and a plastic ball from one of those ball pits. It was a good weekend.