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About Men's Boardshorts and Bathing Suits:

What are you going to do, swim in your underwear? You’re an adult man, for crying out loud. And if you’re not planning on that, are you going to outfit yourself in some swim suit that isn’t built for all the fun stuff you’ll be up to out there? Sure, it’s possible the extent of your swim-fun-time includes flopping around on the beach and catching sun rays, but what if you want to do more than that? Get into a better swim suit – the men’s boardshorts above are the real deal, and ready for whatever you’ve got planned.

Believe it or not, bathing suit technology has come a long way! No longer are you just slipping into bright colored woven cotton nonsense. No, this is quick-drying nylon blends, allowing you to dry off faster after you’re done having a ball in the water. But it doesn’t stop there: Look for suits made with DWR – durable water repellent – meaning your boardshorts aren’t just quick drying, they’re likely to never get that wet to begin with. Oh, and SPF protection on top of that? What a time to be alive.

Quality men’s swimwear, made for quality men. Yeah, that’s you! Get ready to mount the surfboard and look incredible while you’re doing it. Which isn’t to say your boardshorts will make you better at surfing, no – you’re still need some lessons, champ – but aesthetically, you’ll look incredible. Take chances and have fun out there, rocking the very best men’s boardshorts known to man.