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About Men's 3-in-1 Jackets:

You guys remember that show from when we were kids, the one with the robots that could join with another robot to make one big, awesome robot? We were all (understandably) crushed when we realized this was all for make-believe, but life is not without some killer morphin’ action. Those who ache for the days of incredible robot synergy will be a whole lot happier getting our Men’s 3-in-1 jackets in their life – It’s all about taking two incredible pieces of outdoor-ready engineering, great on their own, and making them even better when matched together. This page is chocked full of coats like that, ready to make your adventures more adaptable and flexible than ever before. It’s no fighting robots, but it’s still pretty great.

Imagine being able to adjust to the weather as you see fit – it’s easier than ever when rocking a 3-in-1, as most any attack from the elements can be met with swift action. In need for some serious waterproof action in the form of a lightweight, super-agile fabric? These 3-in-1 jackets sport incredibly capable softshell outer jackets, adept in handling all of the above and then some. Perhaps you’re looking for a bit more in the way of a cozy, chill fighting coat, able to fight off mild fall weather and feel wildly comfortable? That’s your inner fleece jacket, and it’s kind of a big deal. Throw these two together to reach your jacket’s final form: A Winter Weather Fighter, merging the best parts of your softshell and fleece to provide you a heavy-duty element warrior that stands up to all challenges.

Thing is, you’re bound to be activity-heavy throughout the year, with different trials presented depending on what you’re up to. Your skiing and snowboarding (you do both at the same time, right?) will call for a different get-up than your hiking and climbing, so why should you expect one jacket will meet your needs across the board? Life is a little less complicated today, as you can do exactly that. We’d say “you’re welcome,” but we don’t know if you said “thank you” just yet.