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About Maxxis Tires:

Mountain biking is a pretty thrilling sport and Maxxis Tires is there to help. How else can you turn nature into one of the greatest playgrounds while simultaneously scaring your mom half to death? Sure you’ve got your full suspension kit with completely customized handlebars, pedals, and brakes but you’re missing one thing. The rubber.

There are over 40 different brands when it comes to mountain bike tires. So what makes Maxxis different from the rest? Although Maxxis has become the leading brand in mountain bike tires with over 30,000 employees across multiple countries, their core value has never changed. Regardless of how large the company gets, they always want to ensure customer loyalty and retainment. This means they don’t offer a product that they don’t stand behind one hundred percent. Maxxis tires are tested by both their facility and their professional riders to create the perfect product for new and lifelong consumers.

Looking for tires for your commuter? Maxxis has hybrid tires to get you there. How about downhill mountain biking or trail riding? You can bet they’ve got something for that. Sturdy yet resilient tires? I’ll take ‘Maxxis fat tires’ for 1,000, Alex. Maxxis provides an array of choices when it comes to your needs so you can grab a set of wheels and get to riding.