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About Marmot Rain and Waterproof Jackets:

Don’t stand by and let your parade be rained on -- literally. Things like “rain” and “snow” and “non-stop assaults of freezing death ice” are inevitable to those with an active lifestyle, so shouldn’t you grab the outerwear necessary to fight against the unavoidable? Marmot wants to ensure you and the great outdoors stay on good terms, throwing together a trusty collection of waterproof jackets in the process. Built of the latest in industry-leading tech and featuring a wealth of useful features, these are coats that welcome low temperatures and lousy weather. Bring it on, crap weather – each Marmot waterproof jacket is constructed to be a weather beater extraordinaire.

What does that mean, you might be saying. Let’s break it down for you: Don’t allow unexpected precipitation to ruin your hiking excursion. Stare down blinding snowstorms and never flinch. Take a flying leap into those rain puddles and destroy them, all while keeping yourself dry and warm. But don’t feel like your options are limited here – your selections are varied in the best way possible, giving you a wealth of decisions to make with one happy outcome: You’re going to love your new weather-besting Marmot waterproof jacket, and that’s a fact.

So maybe there’s no way to say 100% for sure you’re going to like a particular piece of apparel, but the odds here are pretty good here. New tech like NanoPro, Marmot’s most breathable waterproof fabric ensures a jacket that beats the rain without the use of heavy, constricting material. Grab a coat with premium synthetic insulation, allowing you to withstand lousy temps longer than ever before. Or, you know, don’t, and get yourself into a jacket that’s lighter and eager to be layered, for a more mild outback adventure.

Skiing is a lot more fun when you aren’t soaking wet. Same with, well, just about every other non-swimming oriented sport. Ensure your fun by getting into a Marmot today. Waterproof jackets like these are built to keep the rain out, and the adventure in. Is that too cheesy? It’s from a fortune cookie, sorry.