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About Marmot Vests:

Wrap some premium warmth around that torso of yours. Let’s move past how odd the word torso is and get down to brass tacks: Sometimes you need a little help fighting the chill of cold weather, but you really don’t want your arms playing a role. That’s what makes these vests such a great piece of outerwear – able to bring you the level of comfort that you demand without any unreasonable restriction. Feel free to climb without fear of constraints, and laugh in the face of all limits. Marmot has produced their outerwear vests to be killer companions for hitting the outdoors with reckless abandon.

Enter any adverse conditions feeling prepared. Just grab the level of defense you’re comfortable with – maybe you’re looking forward to heading through some gnarly winter weather, ready to encounter some truly chilly conditions. Marmot makes vests packed to the brim with first-class insulation, be it trusty down or ultralight synthetic. Regardless of their super-warm status, these vests stay nice and packable, able to fit into your gear with ease and take up a minimum of space. That means you’re able to save room for other important things, like pizza rolls, and more pizza rolls.

Perhaps you’re just looking to fight against pesky precipitation, as you’re not a huge fan of that annoying rain and snow getting in the way of your journeys. Marmot makes softshell vests that ditch insulation in favor of water-resistant materials, helping being some moisture-wicking to your adventure so that bothersome rain drops roll right off your fancy new vest. Oh, it’ll also be great at blocking wind, too. Take that, unpredictable fall weather.

Let those arms hang free. Throw some style into your outdoor wardrobe all while doing things a little different.

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