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About Marmot Tents:

Take your camping game to the next level - take it there, be happy about your new next level status, and then go even further. Don’t be content with lesser camping gear. Churning out quality goods for decades, Marmot’s tents place smart design against industry leading tech to give you a premium, reliable tent that’s more than ready for your next camping adventure.

Grab what works best for you. Prepare for a veritable camping party by picking up a tent that’s roomier than you could’ve ever expected – six person tents built with a tremendous amount of headroom thanks to some innovative thinking on behalf of Marmot’s engineers. Their Halo pole structure provides an unreal lounging environment, effectively making the outdoors your new living room. Maybe you’re more a riding solo type, more than content to share your camping experience with only the stars above – how romantic of you, by the way – which is all the more convenient as one person tents like the EOS 1 boasts see-through body fabric allowing you to take in the whole of the night sky.

There’s a wealth of options in between, ensuring a perfect fit for whatever your camping complement consists of – two-person starry-eyed getaway? Four-person all-weekend euchre extravaganza? You’re setting yourself up with top tech to make sure unruly elements never ruin the fun. Spring has sprung, and the rain that comes along with it could strike at any time. Tackle the precipitation - or any season at all - with ease, and get back to “enjoying the outdoors.” Or at least “mostly liking the outdoors.” Do whatever you want, we’re not your boss.

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