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About Marmot Tank Tops:

Totally unlike the types of tanks that exist solely to blow stuff up, Marmot tanks are some of the most durable and comfortable tank tops you’re able to get in to. Ideal for the warmer weather season when you’re letting those arms free on your extended backpacking sessions, allow those shoulders to get some well-deserved sun love. But it doesn’t have to be amazing outside for you to put that tank to good use – for anyone looking to grab a little bit of extra agility and show off the guns, Marmot tanks are as good as you’ll get.

Not content to churn out your typical, everyday tank tops, these are Tanks, 2.0. Taking a look above, it’s easy to see why. Formed to fit your shape, these tanks are full of incredibly helpful materials and tech, built so you can perform better and stay active longer. These bad boys are built of lightweight and breathable fabric, so no worry if all that climb gets you just a little extra sweaty. You’re dealing with quick drying as well, so you’ll be back to being presentable and moisture-free in no time.

And don’t think that your new favorite workout top forces you to take the fashion out of your form. Marmot gets your need to look good while you’re hard at work, and thinks your apparel should look the part. Layer yours up, or don’t – being perfectly versatile has always played a big part in making Marmot the brand they are today, and their premium tanks are a perfect example of this. Even if they don’t blow anything up.