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About Marmot Sweatshirts and Pullovers:

You haven’t seen sweatshirts like these before. Well, unless you’ve been on this page already, in which case it’s totally probable you have seen sweatshirts like these, but the point remains the same: Marmot knows what they’re doing when it comes to crafting first-class activewear, and the sweatshirts you’ll find here are of no exception. Technically proficient and built to keep you in the mix longer, get yourself into a better look that’s complemented by smart tech, thrown together in a way that only Marmot knows how.

“Thrown together” makes it sounds like this type of incredibleness just happens, and that couldn’t be farther from the truth – the folks at Marmot have worked incredibly hard to build better apparel, made great for those who want to get active at a moment’s notice. Apparel that works to ensure you never overheat – quick-drying fabric works to pull perspiration from the skin and towards the surface, keeping you from ever boiling over and leaving no evidence of when things got a little wild.

Forget about submitting to traditional designs, as Marmot has worked in a number of different looks to apply a welcome update to the state of all things sweatshirt. Feeling ¼ zip? Or ½ zip, maybe? Whatever zip you’re looking to get into (maybe you don’t want to zip at all) you’re welcome to it. This is dynamic attire masquerading as casual wear – or is it? Use it however you like, just make sure you use it.