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About Marmot Softshell Jackets:

Step in to autumn and do it right. Known for milder temperatures, the fall season is also known for some pesky weather, too – worst part of it all is how unpredictable it can all be. When you feel right at home in the outdoors but are forced to face fickle conditions, you’re bound to require a more versatile solution with your outerwear. Marmot has designed their softshell jackets to be your jack-of-all-trades weather fighting solution, light enough to be worn through most seasons but tenacious in their ability to repel the effects of lousy weather. Stay adaptable, and look great in some Marmot while you do it.

Built from Marmot’s proprietary fabric blends, expect great things without any detriment to your range of movement. We’re talking the power of windproof material here, keeping blustery gusts from ruining those mid-day hikes. But it’s not just the power of wind protection - water resistance is in the mix as well, meaning any light rain or snow won’t stand a chance, beading right off that fancy new jacket. And just because you’re blocking out bad weather doesn’t mean you’re stuck in a stuffy coat, as you can expect expertly breathable material that won’t cause you to overheat while you’re doing work out there.

Layer it up, or don’t. One of the best aspects of the softshell – an ability to work in some layering action to ramp up the warmth or the decision to rock your jacket solo – is a part of your Marmot experience, speaking to that ultra-versatile nature. As technically proficient your new coat will be, a radical aesthetic is part of the experience as well. Marmot has a reputation for crafting great looking outerwear, and their collection of softshell jackets is no exception. Striking without being showy and prominent without any garish bell and whistles, the charm to Marmot’s design is beauty in simplicity.