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About Marmot Sleeping Bags:

Don’t worry, you can get good sleep out there – catch some quality z’s, and do it all without a worry over the weather. Those camping adventures of yours should never be disrupted by lousy temperatures or intrusive rain and snow, and it has never been easier to get yourself into a peerless level of comfort and protection – all thanks to our good friends at Marmot. They’re masters of the outdoors after all, so these guys know a thing or two about blocking out unpredictable elements. Marmot’s line of sleeping bags are engineered to bring you a level of comfort not normally expected at your campgrounds.

But hey, it’s a wild world out there! There’s plenty of different situations to get yourself into - not all of us are looking to do subzero camping, so for those looking to stay more on the traditional side of things when it comes to your weekend trips, something like the Trestles 15F sleeping bag will be right up your alley. Workhorse of the Marmot line, it’s recognized as a staple of the industry for good reason – a decidedly multipurpose sleeping bag that works great all throughout the year, keeping you warm through chilly temps with the ability to refuse any encroaching precipitation. That spring weather just hit, after all: Something about “showers bringing flowers” comes to mind, so a sleeping bag that is great against the rain sounds ideal.

But maybe you are the mega-adventurous type, and you aren’t just expecting crazy low temperatures – you’re planning on them. Marmot has sleeping bags built for the most extreme of conditions, packed full of first-class insulation that refuses to be beat by winter’s unstoppable freezing cold. Keep that warmth sealed in no matter how cold it gets, but don’t think that extra insulation will leave you with a bulky bag. Marmot prides themselves on producing sleeping bags that are as light as they are versatile, so no weighing down your gear at the cost of increased warmth.

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