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About Marmot Shorts:

Looking for something that’s an awful lot like pants, but you’re just not all that excited about how long pants tend to be? Like, maybe you just want some pants that are a bit shorter? Frankly, we’re kinda shocked you weren’t aware of these things before, but Marmot Shorts are exactly what you’re looking for. Best of all, these aren’t any half-hearted attempts at short pants. Marmot has thrown a bunch of that trusty outdoorsy know-how into the selections you’ll find above, giving you capable activewear that is a welcome addition to any wardrobe – like your wardrobe. Isn’t that something?

Go ahead hot shot, and be ready for anything. Activewear implies activity, so don’t fear that you’ll be up to the task when you find yourself in the middle of the most random pick-up game of whatever-it-is-the-kids-play-these-days. Even when you’re rocking a pair of Marmot cargo shorts – shorts usually reserved for the most reserved type – you’ll be all set when things get a little wild. Casual and comfortable so they’ll fit in perfectly at that backyard BBQ, you’ll still find lightweight performance fabric that makes getting on the move no problem. Extra fancy features like UPF treat material – that’s ultraviolet protection factor – ensure time spent out in the sun isn’t time you’ll regret.

Feel like getting into a pair that’s just a touch more capable? A quick-drying pair like the Arch Rock shorts will stand up against unexpected rain and snow, using durable water repellent to enable some quality moisture wicking action. Performance fabric holds just the right amount of stretch, so no worry of getting that extra give when you need it most.