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About Marmot Shirts and Tops:

If you’re anything like the vast majority of people on the planet, you find wearing shirts to be something of a necessary, everyday thing. But just because the whole shirt-wearing thing has become routine doesn’t mean you need to be routine in regards to your shirts. Some of the selections above might look like more traditional shirt options, but look again – Marmot isn’t in the business of crafting boring, outmoded apparel. These are shirts built better, made to accompany you while you live your life to the fullest. You are doing that, aren’t you?

Think that’s your run-of-the-mill flannel shirt up there? Not so fast, hot shot. Treated with a whopping 60 grams of premium Thermal R insulation, Marmot’s Arches long sleeve insulated shirts add a significant helping of hidden warmth underneath it all. Add to that the promise of quick-drying fabric and you have a shirt that could double as a light, versatile jacket.

No need for extra insulation? What about ultraviolet protection? A great number of the selections above have it, meaning you can spend time in the sun without worry of any harmful rays cutting through. Those looking for their new favorite running shirt can look forward to working through uncertain weather, thanks to moisture wicking fabrics that force rain drops and snowflakes to brush right off. That sort of weather besting power won’t work against you either, with breathability staying at a premium.

Try to not settle for lesser shirts. Everybody around you can see them, remember? Showing off some Marmot will not only impress, it just might amaze – and we’re serious about that.