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About Marmot Pants:

Here at Moosejaw, we try and get by on a pants-optional life whenever possible. And maybe that’s a success some of the time, but unfortunately there’s a good many instances where we’re very unfortunately forced to cover up those legs. Of course there are times where pants are an absolute given - like when you’re on your way up the ski lift, or ready to trudge through that unexplored trail in the dead of winter. Or maybe you’re psyched for warm weather, but just want to keep those legs of yours protected! Whatever activity you’re ready to get into, Marmot pants are good for the job.

Well, pretty much any activity. Might be impossible to claim we know how well they can handle things like circus performing or marathon ping pong games, but our best guess? They’ll handle it all super well. Performance is the key word here, and this is a collection made to complement your lower half whether you plan to strike the slopes or face that climb in crummy weather. All of this, accompanied by some impressive first-class tech and you have yourself pants that are second to none, and we just might change our mind on that whole no-pants thing.

The PreCip, flagship of the Marmot pants line, are best-sellers for a reason – waterproof to ensure you stay dry while dealing with pesky elements, made extra breathable so you never overheat. Easily packable, side zippers at the ankle make them easy to throw on in an emergency situation. But the PreCip is just one part of the assortment, with a number of other pairs built ready for whatever you might face. Be it pants built for a premium level of movement and agility, or stock with top-notch insulation to keep you warm when it gets wildly cold, those stems of your will be covered for it all. Let that adventurer spirit free, and embrace the pants-mandatory life – it’s a lot easier to do when they’re Marmot pants.

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