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About Marmot Men's Vests:

Many say it has a little something to do with versatility, but we all know what’s going on here: You want to let those arms of yours sing. It’s all about letting the guns hang out, because what good is the gym if you can’t show off your results? Marmot knows what this means to you, and they also know you want to wear the very best in kickass outerwear. That’s why the options above are close cousins to established Marmot jacket styles – you’re able to outfit yourself in the same tried and true Marmot designs, all without the annoyance of pesky sleeves.

Take the Ajax vest for example. Packed full of 600 fill power down, you’re trusting your torso with unabashed winter fighting power, easily boosting your warmth level and keeping that lousy chill out - right where it belongs. Tough as hell but lightweight, expect a resilient yet heft-free wear. Rock it solo or use it for a premium insulator underneath a heavier coat, or find some other not-mentioned-here way of doing it – the choice is yours and yours alone, and that’s some honest-to-goodness versatility for you.

Want to make sure you can do your best to fight against unexpected rain and snow? Water resistance is in the mix. Big time win, though – you’ll be comfortable and look great at the same time. Listen, guys. We don’t mean to be mean about it or anything; you can make decisions for yourselves. But heading out there without a vest from Marmot? We wouldn’t recommend that.