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About Marmot Men's Fleece Jackets:

Listen, guys – don’t be stubborn about this. We know you’re all about getting into a jacket that packs a punch in regards to being technically proficient, with solid features and outdoor capabilities being hugely important while you’re on that fall hike or gearing up to make that next climb. But you can have all that and give yourself a wildly comfortable piece of outerwear, too – Marmot has been a master at crafting cold weather jackets for decades, and their line of men’s fleece jackets is a great addition to their legacy.

That’s right, we said legacy -- as in, this is what they’re known for and will continue to be known for, because they’re really, really good at it. Their fleece jackets are a highlight of their whole endeavor, encapsulating all the things that make their brand great. Versatility, for instance – you’ll find it here, thanks to the adaptable nature of their renowned fleece coats. Feel like rocking it solo while in the midst of mild weather? That’ll work just fine. Want to ramp up the warmth and layer that bad boy, throwing a thermal sweater underneath it? It’s close-fitting yet roomy enough fit allows for that sort of configuration, so configure away.

A fleece jacket doesn’t have to be susceptible to the elements. Marmot has traditional fleece jackets you can rock if you’re trying to a maximum level of comfort, but fleece working in concert with softshell material is a match of chocolate and peanut butter level proportions. Keep that autumn wind in check with windproof fabrics, and tack on some moisture wicking so that rain and snow bead right off while you’re doing work out there. All this, along with the fact that you’ll be looking something amazing out there – Marmot is known for their striking, streamlined style, packing great looks into great jackets for years.