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About Marmot Men's Down Jackets:

Cold weather is for jerks. Now, we aren’t calling you a jerk, necessarily – not if you’re smart about all this. There’s no point in withstanding blistering cold temperatures, not when you have such capable outerwear at your disposal. Marmot, renowned rulers of outdoor apparel, have conquered the art of keeping the warmth in, leaving the chilly temperatures on the other side of your jacket, where they belong. Using their extensive technical know-how along with some good old fashioned hard work and determination, their line of men’s down jackets was born – and you get to reap the wildly comfortable and great-looking benefits.

There’s nothing quite like down insulation to bring the type of winter warrior jacket you’re looking for. Synthetic insulation may be all fancy and chic, but there are times when it’s wise to stick to the classics. Marmot’s down insulation allows these coats to keep you nice and toasty, sure – but that’s only part of the deal. Hitting the outdoors doesn’t sound so fun when you’re held down by an excessively bulky coat, and Marmot’s down keeps things nice and light, or ultralight as the kids are saying these days. That lightness lends itself to a compressible nature, meaning it’s easier than ever to store and pack your new jacket.

And it doesn’t end there – keeping warm wouldn’t mean much if you were able to get soaking wet, something these jackets are keen to avoid. Their polyester fabric is treated with durable water repellant, producing a hydrophobic material that is sure to keep things breathable. Random storms and sudden drops in temperature won’t stand a chance.

Look great and feel great, knowing you’re best defense against lousy temperatures is ready to be worn. Marmot’s stark and eye-catching looks are the perfect match for premium weather-besting tech – your new go-to jacket.