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About Marmot Luggage and Duffel Bags:

Whether you're planning on carrying around your gym clothes, some capable camping necessities, a weeks-worth of clothing for that tropical vacation or a multitude of turkey sandwiches like you should be, Marmot has tremendous luggage options that are ultra-capable when it comes to reliably carrying your precious, precious cargo. For those looking to give their reliable backpacks a big brother upgrade, you’ve come to the right place – when that ol’ pack just won’t cut it anymore it’s time to get into a little Gear Carrying 2.0, with Marmot’s luggage and bags.

Equipped with durable exteriors and spacious interiors, each Marmot duffel bag is built to withstand whatever might come your way. Thinking about dragging your gear through the unpredictable elements that come standard with a trek through the backcountry? Totally aware that you’ll be spending most of the season trudging through airports, ready to submit your bags to all the awesome wear and tear that comes standard throughout? Marmot has built their bags and packs tough as hell, ready to face off against whatever’s on the road ahead.

Expect some fancy interior zipping pockets to keep track of those smaller, at-time-hard-to-find items such as keys, change, or your treasured and not-at-all-weird pogs. Each pack comes with strong and reliable carrying handles or straps, expertly constructed to be incredibly dependable while you carry around your very important stuff.

The trail ahead for you is different than everyone else’s, so you should be able to get into the pack or bag that works best for you. Marmot gives you a wealth of options to pick through, making it possible for you to find the very best addition to your luggage family. That’s right, a luggage family, because we know you’ll grab more than one. They’re that good.