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About Marmot Base Layers:

No matter what you’re up to out there – be it extended hikes on your new favorite trails, climbing a seriously steep rock side or just enjoying some late fall tailgate action, ensuring you’re warm as can be is a bit of a necessity. A solid piece of outerwear is only part of the solution, and tag teaming that jacket with some long underwear from Marmot will ensure your defense from the cold.

It’s all about the base layer. Is that what we’re calling it, or is it long underwear? Is it possibly some sort of inspired hybrid that takes cues from both of these things? It’s not possible that is the case, that’s just what’s going on here – Marmot knows that long underwear has forever been a tried-and-true piece of just about every outdoor guru’s wardrobe, but just because it’s trusty doesn’t mean it couldn’t use a little improvement action.

And that’s the case here: Marmot has taken the best elements of long underwear and sprinkled in some welcome enhancements. Patented Marmot technology like Polartec Power Dry pulls any excess moisture off your skin and pushes it to the outer surface, helping keep your layers dry and cool. Isn’t it crazy that your stinky sweat can be used for something wonderful like that? What a time to be alive.

Get into a long sleeve top, a pair of agile bottoms, or double down and cover your entire self in base layer goodness. Head to that next hike without a worry – you’re more than covered, and that heat is going to stay exactly where you need it to be.

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