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About Marmot Jackets for Kids:

Grab larger than life outerwear in not-so-large sizes. The little ones deserve great style and performance as much as you do, something Marmot knows well – they’ve created this line of jackets and coats for the kids, ensuring they’re able to beat chilly weather no matter their age. With many options packed full of first-class insulation and a wealth of other winter-fighting tech, this is premium apparel at a pint-size, ready for whatever you have planned. Snow angel competitions? All-day ice fort building? Get to it without a worry – they’re wearing a Marmot.

Packing on some great insulation goes a long way towards keeping the warm in, something these coats can more than handle. Full of a serious amount of fill power, these jackets store an impressive amount of lining without becoming heavy or uncomfortable – leave it to the crack team at Marmot to engineer a better brand of insulation, lightweight while still packing a punch. Is it done through magic? Or maybe hundreds of precious man hours spent tirelessly working to make a better coat? Not sure, but probably the first one.

Fighting crummy weather is one thing, and when you’re up against spontaneous ski trips and all day snow adventures the need for an all-around element fighting coat is tremendous. These bad boys put some serious water-repellent materials and finishes in the mix, because what good is staying warm if you’re all wet? Snow, rain and any other inclement weather will be forced to roll right off, allowing for longer playtime and bigger smiles.

But it’s not all heavy duty coats. Light fleece jackets are sitting side-by-side against their heavier counterparts, ready for mild fall weather or lounging at home. They’re built to be word as a fashionable solo jacket, with the option to be bulked up with a layer or two when things get extra chilly. Strap the kids into style, all while keeping them extra warm, with Marmot.