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About Marmot Insulated Winter Jackets and Coats:

Don’t let freezing temperatures get in the way of your time outdoors. The winter season is supposed to be fun – full of ski slopes, challenging hikes and ruthless snow angel competitions, not self-inflicted retreats inside due to inclement weather. Marmot understands the struggle is real, and as a result has brought about a pretty incredible solution –- their line of insulated jackets. Built to withstand the rigors of unpredictable cold weather while packed with a virtual bounty of high-tech features, Marmot’s eye for fashion gives you a coat that blocks out chilly temperatures as well as looking damn good on you.

No matter what draws you outdoors, Marmot has you in mind. Prefer to spend your weekends locked in a harness, climbing your life away on the side of an enormous, snow spilled rock? Marmot has lightweight insulated jackets like the ones from their Ajax line, capable of being light and agile while still rocking a wealth of superior warming power. Do you get your kicks rocking double black diamond slopes even though you’re decidedly unprepared for them on that trusty snowboard of yours? Fall as much as you can handle, with no fear of pesky snow breaking the durable water-resistant fabric of your jacket. Because what good is an insulated jacket if it can’t keep out freezing rain and snow? No good, that’s what good.

Forget bland variations of a winter wardrobe. Not content in letting the peerless winter besting quality of their jackets speak for themselves, Marmot knows that looking good is just as important as feeling good – a hard fact that’s easy to see. Longer women’s coats like the Chelsea provide a classier, casual look while staying true to the chill destroying nature of the insulated jacket line. Marmot’s spartan, streamlined design stays true to the “less is more” adage, allowing you to make your attire a natural part of your look.

Stay warm and stay out there longer – Marmot has the best apparel for the job.