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About Marmot Hats and Beanies:

Whether you're rocking a full set of lovely, flowing locks or in the midst of some serious chrome dome action, Marmot hats are desired by all. Does it have something to do with the fact that there are an incredible number of different and amazing lid options for whatever your head demands? It’s very possible - even if you don't like any baseball teams (and quite possible hate baseball altogether) the Marmot PreCip baseball cap might still be ideal for you. Looking great in a classic baseball cap is only part of it, as the PreCip cap comes with a DriClime sweatband that works to soak up any moisture that might accumulate on your noggin. Seam-sealed for waterproof protection, this cap keeps you cool and dry under no matter if unexpected weather turns on you.

For those bound to be on safari around the African continent or simply trekking through your own backyard, the Marmot PreCip safari hat offers shade for days, with an adjustable chin strap to make sure you have the utmost comfort and stability. Maybe there won’t be a ton of precipitation during your time spent in the Sahara, but if you happen to get rained on, you’re looking at full waterproof action, with the ability to float without a problem.

Does the game plan include hiking up the Appalachians? Maybe just not crazy about that hair for whatever reason? Marmot beanies offer a tremendous amount of warmth and protection against lousy elements. More powerful than your traditional beanies, the Marmot power stretch beanie is warm and durable, equipped with Polartec Power Stretch making it capable of fitting on any size dome. Everyone at the office is wearing one right now. And there’s no way you can prove we aren’t.

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