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About Marmot Gloves and Mittens:

Don’t leave those precious hands of yours in harm’s way. It can get cold out there, and that last thing you should be doing is putting those digits of yours in the trust of some lesser brand. That’s right, we said it: Some lesser brand is out there, and they didn’t put in their due diligence to ensure you’re comfortable and capable while you’re facing the elements, and that’s just not right. There is one brand that’s up to the task, though. Legends of the outdoor world, Marmot has pulled together a righteous collection of gloves and mitts, your best bet when making your way through that cold weather chill.

Ensure the warmth of those hands no matter what happens – ultra-lousy temperatures included. Actually, ultra-lousy temperatures especially, as you can look to Marmot tossing an impressive amount of insulation into gloves that will help keep in the heat while banishing cold weather. Lest you’re concerned that a heaping helping of insulation will get in the way of your dexterity, no worry, as those capable Marmot engineers know how important it is to stay nimble while you’re doing work. Expect that same level of great ability, along with superior grip thanks to first-class build materials.

Worried about the sting of freezing rain and snow breaking down the defenses and cramping up those knuckles of yours? Say hello to waterproof and water-resistant treated fabrics, put in place so you aren’t sidelined due to cold and wet hands. Is it brilliant engineering? Is it some top-notch Gore-TEX? Why not both? The folks at Marmot know what they’re doing here, and the alpine landscape is their playground. Feel free to spend a bit more time out there.

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