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About our Marmot Gear Sale:

Picture this: You’re getting ready for that exciting weekend camping trip, and you realize you totally messed up. You need some premium gear for your trip, and not just any brand will do - you need some of the best outdoor goods around, but maybe you aren’t in a position to throw a lot of money down to scoop them up. So isn’t it pretty amazing timing that you’ve happened upon this Marmot gear sale? Unlike that nightmare scenario above, this is the real deal, and we’re giving you the chance to snap up quality Marmot camping and outdoor goods as the best prices imaginable.

Yeah, we’re talking tents over here. The best tents, built to be lightweight and spacious, with mega-durable ripstop fabric topping the whole thing off. Does that means it won’t weigh down your pack and is able to withstand some pretty gnarly conditions? You bet it does. Even better, fit yourself into a warmer-than-you-could-imagine sleeping bag, one that can help you withstand the chilliest of cold temperatures you might come across while traversing the snow-covered backcountry. High fillpower down insulation is terrific at providing unstoppable warmth in the face of cold temperatures, meaning you’re sure to stay nice and toasty no matter how rough it gets out there.

Tents and sleeping bags, along with a smattering of other important pieces able to get that trip properly in gear. And lest we forget to really drive the point home – this is deep discount action, y’all. Don’t sleep on the chance to grab premium Marmot gear at clearance-level prices. That is, unless you’re sleeping in some Marmot already. But then again, who wouldn’t want a little more Marmot? That’s right – no one.