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About Marmot Tent Footprints:

Leave your mark amongst the trails, just don’t mark up your gear in the process. Marmot has built their footprints to protect your tent from the marks and rips that the rugged terrain ahead might bring your way. After all, that robust tent of yours is more than a safe spot to sleep in outdoor environments - it’s a sizable investment, one that will continue to provide countless hours or great times in the greater outdoors. Ensure that time isn’t cut short with the help of a footprint from Marmot.

It’s not a one-size-fits-all deal, but that doesn’t mean finding the right fit is going to be a hassle. These footprints come in sizes for each Marmot tent, figuring to be easy to install. Camp away without worry of tearing the bottom of the tent no matter how rowdy things get in there, be it due to an overblown cards game or late-night round of backyard-style wrestling.

Look to Marmot footprints to protect your tent floor while situated on rougher environments, doing an expert job at repelling unwelcome moisture and debris from your tent floor. Built decidedly lightweight, these footprints are capable of being packed into small sacks or bags that you can easily carry along with your Marmot tent.

Whether you're camping out on the Appalachian Trail or outside of a multiplex for the new whatever movie, the Marmot footprint is a must-have accessory for your tent. Help keep yourself as rugged and capable as possible, guarding that tent the best you can.