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About Marmot Fleece Jackets and Coats:

Face the outdoors without a care in the world. Well, maybe like a single care – you don’t want to get wreckless out there or anything – but feel free to get cozy. And look great, too! Marmot knows a thing or two about crafting outdoor apparel and they aren’t afraid to put you in the best fleece jacket you’ve ever known. You know, one that’s bound to be your new go-to coat, thanks to its bold versatility and head-turning look. We aren’t saying that a new Marmot fleece jacket is going to completely change your life for the better – then again, we’re not not saying that.

Say hello to comfortable, filtered down to the essentials. Be it a fleece jacket in the classic, no-frills variety, or maybe something built up with a little more in the way of the latest tech, you’re going to zip up and get back out there. Looking for a coat that’ll be a perfect companion on your next fall camping trip? Just want to kick things up a notch by throwing a layer underneath and dramatically increasing your warmability? Are you worried that we’re just making up words over here? Put those fears aside as we’ve got you covered, and we’ll make up words as we please, thank you very much.

Think fleece jackets, the next generation – everything you’ve ever loved about casual outerwear, just better. Welcome additions like nylon reinforcements to protect against nagging weather, zipping pockets to keep your gear in place, and elastic draw cords to tighten your fit all work to give you a zip up that’s working for you, instead of just looking good. Which, of course, you will – Marmot fleece jackets fancy themselves as being pretty great in the looking-good department, and it’s easy to see why.