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About Marmot Down Fill Sleeping Bags:

Take that, winter. You think you’re all tough, crafting tricky inclement weather and making it extra difficult for outdoorsy types to get to that one pretty important part of camping – you know, sleeping. Hikers, climbers and regular everyday campers are pretty fond of snoozing out in the midst of the elements, and subzero temps typically present a bit of a problem. Camping is fun and all, but probably a little less so when you’ve lost feeling in your fingers. Our good friends at Marmot refuse to let the chill of winter get in the way of a good time – their down sleeping bags are your best defense against the cold backcountry, allowing you to snooze in style with a killer level of warmth all around you.

Packed full of first-class insulation, Marmot’s down sleeping bags are incredible at blocking out freezing weather while you count sheep. But they aren’t limited to simply keeping in the heat – built with rip-stop fabric that’s treated with durable water repellent, no need to worry about pesky rain or snow busting in to your trusty sleeping bag. Staying warm and dry is all part of the deal.

All of this without weighing you down. Jam-packed with valuable features, Marmot still manages to keep their sleeping bags extra light, ensuring you won’t pull your back out for the sake of some exceptional warmth. These bags allow you to mummy up, covering almost your entire body to keep you protected no matter what.

Take back your time at the campsite. Let Marmot help you fight against icy conditions in the best way possible, with a killer down sleeping bags. Your best line of defense, made better.