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About Marmot Backpacks:

A good outdoor pack is much more than just a bag for your stuff – your precious, awesome stuff - and it should be built tough with incredible functionality sewn in to enhance your outdoor experience. It’s with that in mind that you should give your attention to Marmot: Made by those who know a thing or two about needing to exceed the expectations of an unpredictable environment, be prepared more than ever before with Marmot.

You need a pack that’ll complement your journey without working against you, so having something lightweight is a key to keeping you out there longer. Removing unnecessary heft is only part of what Marmot is able to bring to the table – convenient water bottle pockets so your next drink is available with incredible ease? Look forward to that, and they’ll do you one better with hydration ports to keep you compatible with your favorite hydration system. Feel the need to stay connected while you’re out on your day hike? Your new pack can be laptop ready, keeping your trusty computer available while you’re traversing new ground.

Built by those who know the outdoors, Marmot takes great pride in providing top-notch gear to those who’d rather their office be the backcountry, with their vacations never fully planned. Just face it already – killer spring weather is here, and more time out there is more time well spent. Keep in mind that spontaneity will always be a part of the ride, so your pack had better be ready for whatever you throw at it. That’s why grabbing a new Marmot pack is so ideal – built to be prepared, for those who look forward to anything.

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