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About Marmot:

Marmot’s rise to the top is no joke. Though it might seem a little funny that a couple college kids with a fascination for the outdoors - and human-friendly squirrels, interestingly enough - could end up building one of the most respected outdoor apparel and gear brands in the world. Thanks to a serious love of pushing limits along with a definitively eccentric attitude, Marmot has carved a niche very much their own. Staying true to the tenets that they built upon, as well as a dedication to bringing you the highest quality of outdoor technical clothing, outerwear and equipment imaginable, has made Marmot what they are today.

Back in 1971, Eric Reynolds and Dave Huntley were just a couple of University of California Santa Cruz students on an off-campus project in Alaska when the idea for the Marmot Club dawned on them. The name Marmot refers to an especially large breed of squirrel indigenous to the area, known especially for its hyper-social behavior. Feeling their name was a good fit for their unconventional attitude, the Marmot Club was born, and as the two started producing prototypes of down products while still in school the name stuck. A few years later the two rented a storefront in downtown Grand Junction, Colorado, teaching cross-country skiing to make a few extra bucks during the winter season while auspiciously entering the retail market. This was the official start of Marmot as we know them today, as the on-season lessons quickly gave way to ramped up production of their outerwear line and proved to be the catalyst of an outdoor goods juggernaut.

These days, the Marmot line is expansive and inventive, providing those who love to be active with a brand they can not only depend on, but channel their enthusiasm through. Their outerwear and gear are consistently winning “gear of the year” awards from sources such as Outside Magazine, National Geographic, Backpack Magazine, and many more. High-performing apparel like the PreCip jacket regulate temperature and move moisture while technical gear like the Marmot Limelight tent protect against tough weather and environments. By using the latest advancements in technology alongside some of the most forward thinking designers in the business, Marmot is able to produce active apparel that is industry-leading in its look and function.



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