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About Marker:

It makes perfect sense. For decades, Marker has been one of the most well respected names in the alpine ski industry, so their move into apparel is a no brainer. This is top notch skiing garb from a brand that is firmly planted on the feet of skiers everywhere, completing the circle and giving you a look that's as genuine as your love for the slopes.

Hannes Marker founded his brand in 1952, a pioneer in new binding technology that gave the skiing community a well-crafted piece of freedom. The Marker brand has grown considerably from its auspicious beginnings, moving from conquering the binding community to leading the charge in alpine apparel.

Men and women alike have the opportunity to pull their outfit together, with Marker cultivating a collection that handles the entire ensemble. An inspired selection of jackets and coats will match perfectly with their varied pants assortment. You're free to look great while knowing you're wearing outerwear made with performance in mind. You won't quit out there, and neither will your Marker gear.

The Marker philosophy has always mixed performance and quality, with Marker apparel no exception. You're bound to carve your own path, and Marker will be with you through it all.

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