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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is 700 fill down warmer than 600?

The main factors to consider if one jacket is warmer than another is insulation type and insulation weight. 700 fill down is made of larger clusters of down which promotes the warmth retention in these larger air gaps. 600 fill is made of smaller clusters, making it heavier and will have less warm air pockets.
Another consideration is the insulation weight. A jacket with 80g of 600 fill down will be warmer than a 700 fill jacket with 40g of insulation. If you were to compare an even weight of 600 and 700 fill down, you would find that the 700 fill down is lighter, has more surface area, and will be warmer than its 600 fill counterpart.

Is down waterproof?

Down feathers alone are not waterproof unless treated with a solution to help them become hydrophobic and water resistant. The only way to ensure a down jacket will not wet out is for the jacket to have a waterproof face fabric to keep water away from the warmer interior down layers.

Are Mammut's down jackets environmentally friendly?

Mammut uses the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) to source and track where their down comes from throughout the entire supply chain. 100% of the down that Mammut sources for their apparel, sleeping bags, and accessories are RDS certified.