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About Lumbar Packs:

Backpacks are overrated. You’re out on the trails, trying to have the time of your life, meanwhile your poor, poor shoulders are taking a beating. And maybe you don’t need a big ol’ backpacks worth of stuff anyway! You like to be prepared while doing your adventuring and your day hiking and…whatever else it is you do. We don’t know your life. What we do know is you demand some top-quality storage, built to be as accessible and comfortable as possible.

That’s what makes these lumbar packs so great. Apart from being the perfect storage companion for your globe-trotting travels, these things are packed full of industry-leading technology. What does that mean, though? Electric can openers? Voice-activated GPS? No. No, it doesn’t. It means you have your pick of hydration compatible, incredibly customizable lumbar packs. Some of these packs feature an anti-sweat finish. Did you know that that existed? Well, it does, and it’s wonderful. Almost as wonderful as padded sleeves for tablets and laptops on the larger packs, and a number of awesomely convenient hidden pockets and pouches for those super handy water bottles.

No matter what size fits you best, our varied selection will have you covered. Your hiking will never be the same, now that you’re able to throw on one of the best lumbar packs available and head out to the great unknown, comforted in knowing you have everything you need. Except for that electric can opener and voice-activated GPS. Maybe you could go ahead and invent that? We’ll throw it on the site when you do. Promise.