LOWA footwear at Moosejaw
LOWA footwear at Moosejaw

Lowa Boots

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About Lowa Boots:

There are brands that claim to take pride in their craftsmanship. Lowa exists to put them to task. Celebrated by outdoors enthusiasts and industry leaders alike, Lowa puts a commendable amount of time and effort towards ensuring they make the most durable and rugged footwear available. This philosophy has existed since the company's inception, producing decades-worth of well-made and renowned boots for a loyal and excitable customer base.

For close to a century, Lowa has earned the trust of the most dedicated hikers and climbers by making a product they know they can rely on. Lowa boots hold the privilege of having a manufacturing process that's held to an incredibly rigorous standard, with the result being a line of footwear that is proven to last longer and fit better. The average Lowa brand products lasts 5 to 7 years, a longer time-frame than the competition can boast. This is handcrafting at its finest.

The Lowa lineup is as eclectic as it is robust, providing dependable solutions to all purveyors of the outdoor world. These are shoes and boots that'll work great for a light hike, and are sure to stand the test of time for the backpacking and rock climbing crew. Lowa's dedication to the weathered doesn't mean they don't pay service to the casual wearing, too. A growing line of sandals and laid-back shoes is their perfect complement to dedicated wearer.

Since 1932, Lowa has been providing the world with a range of boots and shoes that provide a comfortable and reliable solution to the outdoor world. Their stark attention to detail will keep them on your feet for years to come.

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