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About Lole:

Montreal, 2002: Lole was born. As an activewear brand exclusively for women, Lole was big news for women who wanted to look and feel stylish, even in their active wear. Ten years later, Lole has perfected the art of designing feminine, technical and versatile clothing for the active urban woman.

Lole's philosophy is well-being. It's their lifestyle. They want every woman to feel beautiful, inside and out. Whether you're commuting to work, hitting the beach for a yoga session or traveling for that long weekend getaway, Lole's clothing blends style, functionality, versatility and comfort. Every piece is designed to be multi-functional while fashion conscious. Leggings and tops that can be worn to a fitness class and then straight to a coffee date with friends? Athletic dresses that can be worn to work and around town? Almost sounds too good to be true.

If you didn't think that such a great brand could be eco-friendly too, you'd be wrong, dear friend. Lole is committed to using nature's resources responsibly and their tech lab makes it happen. Lole has many eco-friendly options made from things like organic and natural fibers, recycled plastic bottles and even eucalyptus trees. So, whether you throw on the Lole Traverse Cardigan or even the Breathe Tank, rest assured you're using nature's resources responsibly and fashionably. Nature would thank you for looking so great.



Frequently Asked Questions:

What does LOLE stand for?

LOLE is an acronym for "Live Out Loud Everday", a key part of their Ethos and what drives their brand to create products that are sustainable, and inspire people to feel good at every moment of the day.

Who owns LOLE?

LOLE is owned by Coalision but was created in 2002 by Evelyn Trempe.

Where is LOLE clothing made?

LOLE has partnerships with manufacturers all over the globe including Canada where the company is based. LOLE also has partnerships in the United States, Peru, China, Bangladesh, Indonesia, India, Israel, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Switzerland.