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About Livsn:

Livsn is a brand all about going with the flow and enjoying the journey. Livsn, short for “Livsnjutare,” loosely translates to “one who loves life deeply; an enjoyer of life” in Swedish. The idea was to keep it simple. A long sleeve shirt, a button-down, a sweater, a jacket, and a pair of pants that would last for years to come. With an emphasis on living with fewer, well-built things over “fast fashion” and less durable products. Although Livsn may not be on the cutting edge of “high-tech” or advanced technologies, Livsn is focused on using tried and true methods to make some of the most timeless and durable products out there. Nothing fancy, no cheap gimmicks, just a pair of pants that you’ll be able to live in comfortably.

Livsn focuses on a few fundamental design principles to create some of the most durable and timeless products. By using high-quality, environmentally sustainable materials and overbuilding key areas that see wear and tear, their products are designed to handle the abuse of routine use. Pair that with a timeless style and innovative features that will make their pants and shirts your go-to wardrobe.