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Created for everyone, LITHIC is focused on providing affordable camping gear so that outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the fresh air without having to break the bank. From tents and sleeping bags to stoves and cookware, Lithic is offering all of the necessities for your campsite.

Not only are these products affordable, but they’re also durable as well. LITHIC tents are lightweight and are made with Ripstop fabric to ensure no holes appear in your tent. Alongside this, backpacks are made with Cordura and nylon to create a water-resistant layer outside. Paired with waterproof zippers, all of your gear is sure to stay dry.

With camp stoves, tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, and more, LITHIC allows anyone to step out into adventure. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of backpacking or you’re just getting started, durable and quality camp-goods don’t need to be heavy on your wallet.